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Kekaiulu Hula Studio Hawaii

Under the direction of Blaine Ikaika Dutro, Kekaiulu Hula Studio Hawaii was established in 2007.

This halau is a branch of two other Kekaiulu Hula Studio Halaus located in both Torrance, California and Japan.

Our hula knowledge stems from Kumu Hula Michael Kekaimoku Yoshikawa. His hula lineage includes different kumu hula such as: Palani Kahala, Sissy Kaio, George Holokai, and Kimo Alama.

The halau is located in both Kalihi and Pearl City. Our halau is built upon one big 'ohana (family). We strive on working together and promoting our Hawaiian Culture.

The Halau offers classes that are open to students from 5 years old & older. The Haumana do not only learn hula, they also learn Hawaiian Language and aspects of the Hawaiian Culture. The Haumana are taught Kahiko (Ancient) and `Auana (Modern) Hula, as well as Oli (chant). Classes are offered for the avid beginner to advanced students and are available whether you are just interested in recreational learning or hula for a competitive level!


E Ho`i Mai I Ka Piko Hula Competition 2008 E Hula Mai Festival 2012

1st Place: Wahine Hula Kahiko 2nd Place Solo Wahine `Auana

1st Place: Wahine Hula Kahiko `Olelo Hawaii

1st Place: Wahine Hula `Auana Ku Mai Ka Hula Festival 2012

1st Place: Wahine Hula `Auana `Olelo Hawaii

1st Place Solo Wahine

Kaua`i Mokihana Hula Festival 2009

1st Place: Miss Mokihana Hula Kahiko

1st Place: Mrs. Mokihana Hula `Auana

2nd Place: Wahine Hula Kahiko

3rd Place: Wahine Hula `Auana

E Hula Mai Festival 2010

2nd Place: Solo Wahine `Auana

2nd Place: Solo Kupuna `Auana

2nd Place: Wahine `Auana

For more information regarding classes, private lessons and performances contact Blaine Ikaika Dutro at # (808) 358-1007

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