Hispanic Celebration / Block Party At Hawaii Events Center - Honolul, Hawaii.
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  • AguaDulce Salsa Band

AguaDulce Salsa Band

AguaDulce Salsa Band is a high energy Latin music ensemble based in Honolulu, Hawaii and comprised of some of the most exciting musicians on the island. This group of friends offers its audience exciting music based on traditional Latin American and Caribbean salsa, merengue and bachata rhythms infused with splashes of modern bass-driven reggae, hip-hop, jazz and funk.

The name AguaDulce means "Sweet Water", Ka Wai Nahenahe in Hawaiian, and is a descriptive play on words for the high energy, driven yet open vibe structure that the band brings its audiences. The synchronized bass and Cuban Tres guitar montunos accompanied by a driving percussion section, melodic horns and sensual vocals make this band a standout. AguaDulce is known as "The Dancers' Band" and is celebrated for bringing authentic and unfiltered driven, classic Puerto Rican salsa, spicy Dominican merengue and hip swaying bachata to Hawaii.

Founded in 2015, AguaDulce is the newest Latin band on the island's scene but is comprised of experienced and versatile Latin, Jazz and Reggae musicians that share the common vision of providing Hawaii music lovers pure live Latin music. When given the opportunity, you've got to check them out….you won't stop dancing.

The AguaDulce Salsa Band

  • Carlos Betancourt: Vocals, congas (Leader)
  • Juan Almont Doñes: Timbales, bongos, tambora (Musical Director)
  • Patrick Bou: Vocals and Cuban Tres guitar
  • Ernie Provencher: Bass
  • David Burke: Trombone and Vocals
  • John Skillman: Trombone
  • Rob Toyama: Trumpet
  • Tim "Timoteo" Stuart: Saxophone
  • Vanessa Zevallos: Vocals, guiro, clave
  • Marla Merlano: Vocals

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