How to teach grammar to elementary students

The teachers need to make the strong foundation in the English subject, because only then they will be getting the better knowledge about the subject and they will be using the basic things throughout their lifetime. Every subject area has its own topic that keeps the students particularly interested in the specific part of the subject.

Likewise in English, grammar is the topic which keeps the ELA and even educators to love and show more interest in learning the grammar. But there are also some students who don’t like studying the grammar, because they found that is hard to learn, once the educators teach grammar in elementary school in a better and simple way the grammar becomes an interesting topic for the students where they also love to learn grammar.

The regularities and rules of the English subject can be hard to students and the usual teaching strategies, such as editing or sentence diagramming examples which can be of disengaging and boring one for the students.

In general the grammar is not taught in the tedious way where the educators teach the elementary students with fun grammar activities, this helps them to understand the grammar even more than before. This way of the grammar with fun activities method was developed by the curriculum writers for teaching the English grammar to the elementary students in the motive to keep them attentive, interest and love to study grammar.

6 fun activities to teach grammar to ELA students

The following are the 6 fun activities of teaching grammar to the ELA school students in which this method of teaching grammar through games will help the students to learn and understand the rules and regulations of the grammar and also they get to know grab the things in quick and fast manner.

In general when the subjects or topic methods taught using a game or music then students will get to understand it easily and they won’t forget till their lifetime.

  • ELA studentsHot (grammar) potato
  • Create posters
  • Conjunction bee
  • Fastest editor
  • Grammar drama
  • Pop culture revisions

For example the hot potato is fun game that requires the quick hands and quick thinking and it is of a small group or whole class activity. Here the teacher chooses the category such as like verb and gives a small ball or any other item (potato) to pass and the teacher sets the time clock or play the music, where the student need to pass the ball to the next person by shouting the topic by saying the example.

The game continues until the students get the correct example for the verb where the game difficulty depends on the topic. The above are easy ways to teach grammar to elementary student’s game, the curriculum developers can transform the tedious and hard grammar instruction into the fun lessons. Many teachers are suggesting to their students to play the grammar games to easily understand the variation in grammar.